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Maximise your core - 5 key category performance trends Q1 2023

Q1’s latest trends and performance have seen a number of category growth/consistency across convenience performance compared to pre-Covid levels, a shift in price tiers with the current cost of living crisis, enduring wine varietal, country and brand trends.

See below for the 5 key trends which will help to maximise your in store wine sales and further educate your customers.   


Wine Channel Performance:

Convenience performance vs pre-covid normality is at +8%, as the channel laps Omicron boost.

Total Convenience performance is in line with Market MAT and is driven by GM Convenience primarily. 


Higher Price Tiers continues to see growth decline at the cost of living crisis bites, with £6-£7 the only price to see growth in the latest 12 weeks. £8-£9 only sees a small decline and is the second-best performing price tier. £9-£10 sees the biggest improvement in performance across the latest 12 weeks vs MAT.

Highest growth in the Category comes from retaining and maximising your core range. Hero the accessible favourites at £6-£8 through clear ranging by price, availability and linking to occasions.


Enduring category trends from consumers lie in sweeter tastes, No/Low alcohol and Sustainability where appropriate.

Sauvignon Blanc continues to be the anchor for white wine (15% share), but Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay outperform total white varietal growth.

Shiraz, Malbec and blended reds all saw improved performance across Q1, Merlot saw a decline in performance but remains the number one varietal alongside Shiraz.

Pinot Grigio Rosé is growing vs the Rosé market overall decline in Q1 and remains the only varietal to outperform total category decline.


Australia remains the dominant country for consumers in the sector, who are seeking accessible price points and well-known, trusted brands.

Spain, however, remains the fastest-growing origin MAT, driven by origin switches from key brands. South Africa grows the fastest over the previous 2 years.

USA and New Zealand and supply issues are still having a lasting impact on overall sales.


Hardy’s remains the strongest brand (£160m in total convenience sales across the last 12 months), supported by a range of other key names such as Barefoot, Yellow Tail and I Heart wines.

Jam Shed and 19 Crimes continue to be the highest growth brands with Jam Shed showing a 41% increase in value sales vs a year ago.